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Loop-Book-Borrel - March 20th

We'll be gathering at Ovie's for another bi-monthly Loop Borrel. This time we added a Book Swap: Bring your old Dutch, English or any language books you've read over and over again and exchange them for a few new-to-you ones!

We will be at the entrance of Ovie's near the host stand (the entrance on the South side of the bar). As usual we will arrange for appetizers and there is a ca$h bar.
So on your way home after a long week, drop by and have a drink, chat and good time!
For registration please click here. We hope you can make it!

Events 2015

Your events committee has worked hard to finalize the 2015 Events Calendar.

We have listened to our member's feedback and created the calendar accordingly.
In 2015 we are planning 4 Suburb Borrels divided over West and North, 5 Loop Borrels (one is also a Book swap) and some traditional borrels like the Snert, Grolsch , Sateh and Stamppot Borrel. Of course we'll have King's Day, the BBQ as well as Sinterklaas. We also plan on a bike trip and a brand new cooking event at the Miele showroom in the Merchandise Mart.
So, mark your calendars!
For a full list of the events through June 2015 click here

Events Calendar Update

The calendar on the right side of this page does not reflect all events.→ For all events, including upcoming borrels, please click here or click on the events tab at the top of this page.

Membership Drive 2015

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